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Spirit of the place.

It is an open space on your way to Santiago de Compostela dedicated to everyone, where caring and sharing are two real values. « La Petite Lumière » is that « little house in the meadow », where everybody can live happy… You could come walking, with your car, no need to ring the bell, the door will always be open, those living there welcome you as simply and easy as it can be.

If you wanted, you could take advantage of all the creative possibilities available, or try one of the « weel-being »options that we offer. Nature is all around, still and present if your eye wanted to contemplate. If you prefered calm and silence, you could live with them very easily. If you liked talking, you could have discussions with us and all the other pilgrilms that come and go from here, at random along yout stay. Music is a constant friend you could share on our piano, books are also available in the library for those who would prefer reading.

After a long day of walk, what could be better than a massage that Anne could give you. We could also help you discover the most beautiful treasures of the old town and the rest of the region.

Everybody in his own way can enjoy his stay at « La Petite Lumière », depending on what one wants to discover.