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But why : « la Petite Lumière » ? (The Litle Light)

I was walking along the Saint James’ way and finished alone, facing the Ocean with a secret wish : to leave Paris and settle in Moissac, very close to community of nuns, to truly find the sens of my life on our little planet.

Two months after, down in Moissac, I also felt down and blue because I couldn’t find any house available around, and it was my last day down here. I decided to climb up the hill to see the panaroma next to the statue of the Virgin Mary and, suddenly talking to her, I admited all my desappointed emotions :
- « I know what I need and you don’t even want to give it to me, Mary !

At that precise moment, I discovered a house, the closest one to the statue, settled on the edge of the hill with a breathtaking view over the valley, with terrasses all around, simple, spacious…
- « Here it is Mary, here is the house I want to live in ».

Silence followed. Exactly two minutes after, a man came out, wandering about the hill. I deared to talk to him and said :
- « Do you know that I am looking for a house to buy around here ».
- « My brother in law wants to sell his ! »

Without any explanations, I stared at him right into hi seyes, waiting hopelessly that he could point out the little house saying :
- « It’s this one here ! »

And he said :
- « It’s this one here ! »

To great and welcome people, give back all the authentic emotions I received on Saint James’ Way came true to my mind. I wanted to build a gîte and offer the most precious I have : my massages.

Later, the name came out so naturally : it will be “ La Petite Lumière”.

After Eastern 2006, I moved in. One year later, I did all my best to finish the works and welcome my first pilgrim. You are now reading my pages on the net. “La Petite Lumière” is waiting for you.